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  • Bypass blocking MTS

    Many mobile operators, in particular MTS, charge for unlimited Internet, and limit your traffic bandwidth if you do not pay their charges. Despite this, there are several ways to bypass this sort of blocking without having to meet their charges.

    Why is your bandwidth restricted?

    When operators charge for unlimited access to the network, this can be quite inconvenient for users. For example, the popular package "Tariffische" limits your Internet speed to 128 kilobits per second when downloading anything via file sharing. In the same way, if you travel beyond your home area, your daily downloads are restricted to 500 megabytes, and this is renewed only the next day. However, the most inconvenient limitation is the ban on the distribution of mobile traffic to other devices and computers. On the one hand, the reasons behind such a rule are understandable, because it is simply unprofitable for providers to provide unlimited Internet access at a relatively low cost. Nevertheless, an informed user will not be stopped by these limitations, and this article will discuss ways of bypassing all sorts of restrictions and blocking by network providers.

    How to easily bypass the ban on MTS content

    To track the distribution of Internet bandwidth, a provider controls the TTL parameter, which stands for "Time to live", or "packet lifetime". For smartphones, and tablets on any operating system, this parameter is 64, and for computers running on Windows, 128. When distributing traffic, a device operating in modem mode will send TTL reduced by one to MTS, that is, 63 for phones and 127 for computers. Thus, the network will fix any change in the parameter by stopping or limited traffic or switching it to paid. One of the ways to get around the ban is to increase the standard TTL value, in which case the network does not detect that the ban has been bypassed, even if you do so.

    Correcting TTL on the computer

    To change the parameter on Windows, just start the standard Regedit registry editor (press Win + R, and type regedit) and follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - Services - TCPIP - Parameters. Then you need to create a 32-bit DWORD parameter (or 64, depending on the system) and name it DefaultTTL. When setting the parameter value, you need to select the decimal number system and enter 65. After saving and restarting the operating system, your connection to unlimited Internet from your smartphone will be free.

    Correcting TTL on an Android device

    To configure a smartphone and tablet, there are many mobile applications that allow you to set a certain value of the package parameter. For example, "TTL Master". When this program is launched, the current value of the function is displayed on the screen of the receiving device. In the settings section, you must set the number 65 and save the changes.

    IMPORTANT: to get root rights to make changes to the device system, you first need to install the program "King Root".

    Another of the many applications that allow you to bypass blocking by changing TTL parameters is ES Explorer. After loading it, you need to open the path proc - sys - net - ipv4 and open the ip_default_ttl file in a text editor. In this, you need to change the TTL value to 65.

    ATTENTION: All such manipulations must be done while in airplane mode.

    Since many such applications are unofficial, downloading them might also allow a virus to infect your system. Therefore, it is important to be careful of the programs you install, and to download them from reliable and trusted sources.

    Removing restrictions from your modem through VPN settings

    The VPN function (Virtual Private Network) was created to encrypt data transmission, which, in its turn, checkmates any attempt to monitor your mobile traffic. It is an additional convenience that this is a part of every modern device, and by using this method, you do not risk downloading unsafe programs. In order to bypass blocking or restrictions by MTS, you need to create a new network, and, assigning any name to it, select an encryption method. These actions will allow you to access the network through your own server.

    Anonymizers will help you bypass bans on websites

    In addition to restricting the distribution of Internet bandwidth, many users, when surfing the net, often encounter a message blocking off access to a site they would like to visit. Despite the fact that such bans are implemented at the request of law enforcement agencies, in accordance with the law, or on the basis of a court decision, such blocking can be bypassed using anonymizers. These are intermediary nodes between the site and the user, and are designed for anonymous surfing on the Internet, and to allow access to blocked sites.

    Usually, when opening any site, the provider checks the name and IP of the site against lists of sites to which access is denied. If there is no match with this blacklist, the browser downloads the required content. If there is a match, the user is redirected to a page with a message denying them entry. However, when you access a site that is banned in this way through an anonymizer, the provider will see the data, not of the visited site, but of the anonymizer itself, and since it is not in the black list, the page will load without problems.

    REFERENCE: The tool will not be able to provide access to web resources that transfer data via the https protocol.

    This way of circumventing the ban has certain disadvantages:

    · There is some likelihood of content downloading in an incomplete manner;

    · There can be some distortion of the pages displayed, up to complete unreadability;

    · There can be an excessive amount of advertising.

    ATTENTION: Nowadays most anonymizers are locked by the registry.

    Browser extensions can remove a content ban

    Extensions are additional programs built into the browser that increase its functionality. In addition, some of them encrypt traffic within the session, which allows you to access sites that have been blocked. The most popular free extensions are:

    · Browsec. This is compatible with most popular browsers today, including Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Yandex, and is available for all operating systems;

    · ZenMate, which allows encryption of the connection through a special proxy server and engages in IP spoofing from another part of the world.

    · FriGate, which does not require additional configuration and does not reduce the speed at which sites open.

    In addition to these, there are many other variants of proxy servers and VPN extensions. For example, "Ininja" is free and offers acceptable speeds. It grants access to several servers in Europe and America. "TunnelBear VPN" is another one that, despite its lower popularity, is more secure. However, it requires that you opt for a paid subscription when traffic exceeds 500 megabytes. If you do not want to pay, you can use Betternet, which is monetized through advertising and does not require creating an account.

    To bypass the blocking of sites through a phone or tablet, one usually has to install special applications such as ZenMate or NordVPN.

    The use of special browsers, such as Tor

    The Tor browser uses new encryption technologies and a special anonymous network of VPN tunnels that transmits information in a secure manner. This is a free application that is available to any home user. The principle of transmission over the Tor network boils down to the fact that all information is encrypted in layers, and repeatedly, and the path of such information along the chain of proxy servers is random. The browser system provides maximum user privacy and complicates the traffic path so much so that tracking it is nearly impossible.

    ATTENTION: Despite the fact that at the moment the Tor browser is not banned in Russia, legal restrictions on its use have already been introduced in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

    An alternative option to the Tor browser is the I2P network, which is recognized as the world's second most effective way of protecting one's privacy on the Internet. The network is also a set of encrypted tunnels, and guarantees a high level of anonymity. In order to access prohibited content, you need to configure your browser to use an HTTP proxy on port 4444 on IP

    REFERENCE: Initially this network was meant to be used only in the internal resources, so the pages' speed load is very slow.

    In addition, the following apps are special, anonymous browsers:

    · PirateBrowser is designed to bypass the blocking, not only of content, but of the use of the Internet in some countries of the world;

    · PirateSnoop;

    · Globus Privacy Browser, which is specially designed to bypass restrictions from providers;

    · Top Browser Bundle, which has the highest level of anonymity, as well as gives access to blocked sites and protects against spyware;

    · Sphere, which is completely free.

    Bypassing the torrent limit

    MTF, by only providing paid access to unlimited internet, also reduces the speed of unpaid connections to extremely limited levels. This, of course, means that files can take a long time to download. Since all torrent applications transfer data via a Peer-to-peer protocol, the operator limits the traffic passing through the exchange network, and blocks the connection. In order to get around such limitations by a provider and to increase the speed of your downloads, you need to enable encryption in the torrent client, which allows you to enable incognito mode and make it impossible for the operator to monitor your traffic.

    For example, in the µTorrent program, there is a BitTorrent section in the settings, where you need to enable the protocol encryption parameter. In addition, it is necessary to disable support for the udp function, which can reload the channel and allow the operator to track the download.

    ATTENTION: If this encryption option is not available, you need to update the application version or find another torrent client.

    Another commonly used program is "qBittorrent". To ensure trouble-free downloading of files through it, you should enable the "require encryption" mode, as well as anonymous mode. In addition, it is important to uncheck the "DHT", "PeX" and "local peer detection" checkboxes and limit the number of connections per torrent, say, to 50, to avoid channel overload. The final setting is to disable the uTP protocol, replacing it with TCP, as well as disable the UPnP router and enabling the "use a random port at startup" function.

    There are many ways to bypass a provider's limitations, both on the distribution of unlimited Internet bandwidth, and on visiting certain sites blocked in Russia. Users go to great lengths to get what they want, and while the ISP identifies and limits some circumvention tools, more and more tricks are created.

    Based on materials from the site https://hidemy.name/

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