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  • How to log into Rutor

    Rutor.org is a torrent tracker that is very popular among those who like to download free movies via torrents, and among those who like listening to music. However, newly-introduced controls by the state in defence of copyrights can deprive ordinary users of the ability to use Rutor. In other words, the government is directly blocking your access to Rutor.

    How do you deal with this? The blocking can be circumvented using a variety of methods. One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to do this is by installing a special browser extension. Most of these plugins can be easily downloaded, are publicly available, and can used for free.

    Browser extensions

    In order to bypass the blocking when entering Rutor and other sites proscribed by the law, it is recommended that you use a special extension.

    We are talking about paid and free versions of anonymizers, which add new functions to your browser, allowing you to bypass the blocking.

    For example, Rutor was blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation, but the browser add-on will allow you to visit the site while giving the impression that a user from another region or country has entered it. This method can be used even by inexperienced users.


    The plugin was developed in Germany. It has excellent functionality, and allows you to effectively bypass the blocking of a site by changing a user's address, while maintaining confidentiality. It uses a network of servers located in the USA and Europe. It is suitable for Yandex, Firefox, and Chrome.

    Some negative issues:

    · there is only modest functionality in the free version;

    · It is not possible to use Russian;

    · It requires a lot of RAM to operate correctly;

    · It can be difficult to configure manually for inexperienced users;

    · when using the add-on, the data transfer rate drops significantly.

    Despite these limitations, Anonymox is very popular all over the world, but many Russians refuse to use it, preferring other methods.


    This compares very well to its competitors. After installation, the data stream is encrypted, which allows you access to blocked sites, while misleading tracking programs.

    The traffic itself passes through the cloud network, which has a high degree of protection, and which will not allow anyone to track your movements online.

    The key advantages include:

    · It can be used in Russian, which is attractive to those to whom this is a native language;

    · It is free to download and use;

    · It does not use a large amount of RAM;

    · It works well with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera;

    · There is no ‘pushing' of a paid version.

    Despite the positive aspects, the extension will slow download speed, though it will successfully bypass blocking restrictions.


    It was developed in Russia, and provides access to blocked sites on the Internet. It also helps to cope with the problem of a page loading slowly by using a special proxy server.

    Plugin advantages:

    · It allows you your usual download speeds;

    · Includes the ability to use anonymization only for those sites where it is required;

    · It can be used for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.

    A significant drawback is that the plugin loses to its counterparts in terms of successfully maintaining anonymity. But it is suitable for everyday purposes.


    A feature of the application is that after installation, you cannot independently select the country through which the connection will be encrypted. The extension makes this choice for the user if one is using the free version. The developers promise that artificial intelligence will select the best server for the job.

    Paying for the use of this extension will increase the download speed and avoid unnecessary advertising. The advantage is the relatively low cost of the product.


    Compatible with most browsers, it has a paid version that can be enhanced to several levels. Manual configuration is allowed, there is a user-friendly interface, it is easy to use, with a minimal loss of speed when loading web pages.

    The main difficulties with this are caused by the following:

    · A long and obligatory registration is required, as well as clicking on an activation link;

    · Most of the benefits are available only in the paid or "premium" version;

    · A relatively high cost.

    A user can use the plugin for free in the "Premium" mode for a period of 1 week.

    The extensions discussed above are just a few examples out of many, but it was these add-ons that received the highest scores in testing and use.

    VPN browsers

    A Virtual Private Network establishes a connection anonymously, invisibly embedded in the structure of the browser used.

    It is difficult for even the blocking methods used by governments to recognize and track IPs and internet usage.

    You should be aware that there are many browsers that have a built-in VPN. For example, there are types such as hybrid network, node-to-node, point-to-point, and security protocol. These functions allow you to keep your personal data safe, as well as blocking ads.

    When choosing a product, you should pay close attention to the following indicators:

    · Can one select a location oneself;

    · The convenience of the control panel;

    · Is the program free or paid, and if paid, how much it costs;

    · Compatibility with the operating system of your device;

    · Quality of data protection;

    · Reviews by people who have used the system.

    VPN services

    Despite the popularity of this method of bypassing regional blocking, the danger of using VPN services for free are as follows:

    · Data transfer speed drops, causing web pages to load slowly;

    · Sale of user data to third parties;

    · Improper operation, crashes, or sudden shutdowns;

    · Network attacks.

    In order not to be trapped by any of these, check the following:

    · domain certification;

    · careful study of the license agreement, here the maximum number of pitfalls is hidden;

    · ability to maintain high levels of encryption using proven, modern connection protocols;

    · providing workarounds provided by the provider to optimize work.

    In the modern world, it is very easy to decrypt data, so when using a VPN service, make your choice carefully and logically.

    Proxy servers

    They act as intermediaries between ordinary users and a target site, hiding your data from the owners of the site, which makes it difficult to block access via the user's IP.

    It should be understood that anonymity in this case will be relative, because tracking the connection and the real address remains possible.

    Differences in using VPN and proxy services:

    · the use of VPN provides greater data protection, but usually only a paid service will provide you with adequate protection;

    · proxy servers are less reliable and technically more backward, but very simple to use;

    · It is cheaper to use paid proxies, rather than a VPN.

    CGI proxies are the easiest to use and do not need any special settings. They work only in open tabs, and malfunctions can often occur. All other types will need to be tied in to your device.

    TOR and other distributed networks

    TOR is a system of virtual tunnels that encrypt the transmitted data. This effectively protects against various methods of analyzing your traffic by unauthorized persons.

    PCs are connected to sites using proxy devices, which complicates the task of monitoring and blocking. The more nodes, the more difficult it is to identify the source.

    Security and anonymity are achieved through encryption at each transmission node so that information does not leak at a specific point.

    Firefox has been able to build a network of routers into its TOR Browser, so this is a recommended download to solve the problem of closed access to Internet sources.

    Bypassing blocking on smartphones and tablets

    Many people today prefer compact mobiles to stationary computers and laptops. When trying to get the information they need, thousands of users face the problem of censorship on the Internet, blocking their favorite sites.


    The most affordable way to overcome blocking on a mobile device is to use Google Translate. Resource requests are processed through American servers. By entering the email address of the desired page, you can access a copy of it. But it should be understood that access to sites with mandatory registration will remain closed.

    Another trick is setting up an economical traffic mode in the Opera browser, which will avoid connecting to the site directly and will give access to previously blocked resources.

    The third method is to enable Turbo mode when using Yandex. The principle of operation is the same as with economical traffic.

    You can also use a connection to VPN and proxy servers. Make sure that the browser you are using on your smartphone supports the required programs and protocols.

    For Android

    The most expedient methods are:

    · the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which will help to hide information about your real location, and so preserve your anonymity;

    · using the Hotspot Shield VPN software, which can be downloaded from Google Play.

    For IOS

    The solution to the problem is to use the Onion Browser product, which has received good user reviews.

    Use a VPN server connection to access blocked sites. Tricks with settings for the Yandex and Opera browsers will be just as effective.

    A relatively new way to solve the problem is to install the free Opera VPN program, which connects to servers in Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands to fully display all Internet sites, and to defy any attempts by censors at blocking sites.

    For Windows Phone

    Install the free Hotspot Shield VPN app and forget about access restrictions to the pages you need to visit. This program will configure the data transfer through its VPN service.

    Use the capabilities of the Google Translator system, the Yandex browser, or download a new development from Windows - Opera Mini. They will be effective on your device.


    The lion's share of modern operating systems on mobile devices have built-in mechanisms for creating a VPN.

    But you can also manually configure your connection to the VPN service. It will take some time, but it will work well.

    For Android

    It is recommended that you install the following applications via Google Play: Samsung Max, Cyber Ghost VPN, and Psiphon.

    For IOS

    A number of applications can be found that allow you to connect to a VPN server, such as Privatix VPN and Browsec VPN.

    You can get access to Rutor in any of the ways described in the article. Each recommendation has its positive and negative aspects. Consider your personal preferences and the technical capabilities of your device and then make a choice that allows you free access to all the sites on the net.

    Based on materials from the site https://hidemy.name/

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